When a dispute in relation to trusts arises, it can have serious consequences on both the trust and its beneficiaries, occasioning serious harm to the assets and value of the trust if not resolved expediently.

Thomas Philip is frequently engaged to advise clients on the administration of a trust, their role as trustees, as well as how to commence proceedings against a trustee who has mismanaged trust funds. We have amassed considerable knowledge and experience in dealing with private client matters offering a fully integrated service including restructuring trusts, setting up private trusts, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Our team specialises in clients with multiple assets in various jurisdictions, with a deep understanding regarding the different procedural and legal requirements in differing jurisdictions.

Dealing with trusts may get contentious and sensitive as the parties often have close personal ties with each other which may have broken down during the course of administering the trust. Our team conducts matters in a highly professional matter tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual client without compromising the best possible outcome.