Partnership Disputes

 Partnership Disputes

Partnerships are built upon a foundation of trust and mutual values. Business owners today face wide ranging disputes from breaches to a Partnership Agreement, failures to honour fiduciary duties, partners making secret profits at the expense of the partnership or partners, to embezzlement cases.

At Thomas Philip, we have vast experiences in representing and advising small and medium sized business owners who are involved partnership disputes. It is our belief that litigation is not always the answer for most small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), and so we strive to provide commercially sensible solutions that offers our clients the best possible outcomes by balancing commercial realities with the complexities in human relations.

In cases where litigation is necessary, our areas of expertise include:

  • Claims for breaches of a Partnership Agreement;
  • Claims involving the breach of fiduciary duties of a partner;
  • Claims involving the embezzlement of partnership property or monies;
  • Misappropriation of confidential information or trade secrets;
  • Actions to assert a minority partner’s rights;
  • Claims involving fraud by a partner.