Family Law and Mediation

Thomas Philip, whilst being a Litigation specialist firm, advocates the resolution of family disputes through MEDIATION, in balancing the benefits of any course of action that disputants may wish to take against the likely financial and emotional costs.

In close to two decades of our Founding Partner, Mathew Thomas Philip's experience in the practice of Litigation, he has seen too many occasions where the adversarial nature of litigation in family disputes, together with the overburdened court system, have exacted a huge toll financially and emotionally, on the lives of litigants and their families. As cases drag on, with no resolution in sight, children in high-conflict divorce cases, suffer childhoods scarred by years of parental conflict and alienation, with severe developmental and emotional repercussions.

Our approach to family law is therefore one that is necessarily sensitive, constructive and interest-based, so that we may be part of the solution rather than the problem. We believe that the structuring and termination of personal relationships should really be a matter of private decision, with certain exceptions. Couples should be actively involved in making the choices that would shape their own future and those of their children, instead of leaving it to a Judge.

The services that we provide, depending on their individual needs, are as follows:

  1. Divorce and Custody Mediation (more info)
  2. Joint Petitions for Divorce
  3. Adoption

For more information, please see our:

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Divorce Mediation brochure
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