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James Crawford

Biennial Lecture On International Law

Thomas Philip is proud to be part of the joint effort between the University of Adelaide and the University of Adelaide Alumni West Malaysia in sponsoring the James Crawford Biennial Lecture on International Law. This lecture is conducted through a live video link-up from the University of Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur.

  • 2003 "The Rule of Law in International Law" Professor James Crawford
  • 2005 "Australia, America and the Rule of Law in International Affairs: Comparisons and Contrasts" Professor Ivan Shearer
  • 2007 "Debating Democracy in International Law" Professor Hillary Charlesworth
  • 2009 "The Common Law and International Law: Dynamic Contemporary Dialogue" Hon. Justice Michael Kirby AC, CMG
  • 2011 "The Role of International Law in Interpreting Constitutions and in Domestic Law: Justice Antonin Scalia"

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