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Chief Justice launches Enhanced MLTIC Web Cluster

Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria has just launched the enhanced web cluster of the Malaysian Legal and Tax Legal Information Centre (MLTIC) at an event jointly organized by University of Malaya, M/s Thomas Philip and Muttath KM Services.

The MLTIC Web Cluster, accessible at, provides free access to the legal and tax developments in Malaysia. The launch was presided over by senior lawyer Tan Sri Cecil Abraham. Rajesh C Muttath, the executive editor of MLTIC Web Cluster, and Assoc. Prof. Johan Shamsuddin, the Dean of the Faculty of Law of University of Malaya spoke at the event.

The launch will be followed by MLTIC National Forum on Free Access to Law. The Forum, for the first time in Malaysia, discussed the concept and practice of Free Access to Law in Malaysia.