Jarrod Bayliss McCulloch

Law Student, Monash University, Australia

If you're the kind of person who is happy sitting inside a cubicle, inside an office, in front of a computer all day doing research and sifting through documents and having little other contact with the outside world, then Thomas Philip is not the firm for you.

If, on the other hand, you're an ambitious achiever wanting to fast-track your career by getting hands-on practical legal experience from day one and learn from experienced practitioners who really want you to be the best lawyer you can be, then I would highly recommend working at Thomas Philip.That's the way I feel after completing a short but action-packed internship with the firm.

The principal, Mathew Thomas Philip, is an excellent lawyer who knows how to get results for his clients, but more importantly, he's also passionate about his staff. I say more importantly, because it's one thing to have the skills, but it's another thing entirely to have the spirit of sharing your skills with others, and that's the spirit of generosity and teamwork that I felt while working at Thomas Philip.

On my very first day at the firm, Mathew flew me down to Johor Bahru to observe a big case he was litigating on behalf of his client, a high-net worth individual, against a large Malaysian utilities company, in which a very substantial sum of money was in dispute. Not only was I able to observe the case, but I had the chance to sit in the judge's chambers while Mathew and the lawyers for the defence discussed matters of pre-trial case management. Importantly, Mathew shared a lot of the "behind the scenes" manoeuvrings that had gone on between the parties and discussed his strategy to get the best outcome for the client. Arguably, these are the real skills of a good lawyer, and that is what you will learn at Thomas Philip.

So in conclusion, if you're looking for challenge, if you want to fast-track your career, if you want to be where the action is, and if you're looking for variety and exposure to a wide range of commercial issues in a friendly and flexible environment, then Thomas Philip is a great firm for you.

I've had a lot of good times here, and as a young lawyer, I know you will too.