Child Maintenance

Can I apply for my spouse to pay maintenance for the children? Can the children expect payments that would support a standard of living that they had enjoyed during the existence of the marriage?

It is the duty of a parent to maintain or contribute to the maintenance of his or her children, as may be reasonable, having regard to his/her means. In determining the amounts to be paid the Court will take into account the standard of living that the children were accustomed to in the past. If you are a parent seeking maintenance for your child, or one from whom maintenance is being sought, you may wish to seek advice as to how you may have a say, through Mediation, as to the amounts payable as maintenance.

This article is for informational purposes only, and must not be relied upon as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a qualified lawyer, provided specifically with reference to all the facts of a particular situation and the law of your jurisdiction.
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